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25th - 29th January 2017 7.00pm

The Butterfly Club, Melbourne

30th August - 3rd September 2017 7.30pm

Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne

Take A Seat

After a sold out season at The Butterfly Club in January 2017, Take A Seat took on Chapel Off Chapel for yet another successful season.

Take A Seat is set in a courthouse waiting room. The twist? You’re dead…

Moments after their unfortunate ends, a cluster of characters turn up in limbo, told to simply take a seat and wait for their “decision” to be made. Nobody knows where they are, what’s going on, or who they share this room with. They just wait. Emotionally charged, they clash over faith, life decisions, right and wrong, and ultimately bonding over the one thing they all have in common: the impending unknown.
Take A Seat: Performances
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