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5th - 8th May 2021 7.30pm
Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne

The Execution Will Not Be Televised

Welcome to the live TV studio of ‘Judge Your Neighbour’. After ten years of perfect justice where you, the people, get to decide who lives and dies, our show is going stronger than ever. Each week, five naughty criminals are brought onto our stage and will go head-to-head in brutal and daring challenges in a bid for your support. Four will be executed. One will walk free, decided by our studio audience. Join us in the studio as we put justice in your hands, whilst making sure you leave with a smile on your face.

In a world where The Social Network has taken over as governing power and handed over the legal system to the entertainment world a decade ago, this immersive theatre experience is jam packed with conspiracy, rebellion, sadistic pleasures, and a burning question: are we in agreement about what is right and wrong in our society?

The Execution Will Not Be Televised: Event
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